You imagine it, we build it

We make bespoke furniture and items using traditional methods. We take great pride in designing and building each of our items with the same care and attention w.e expect from the best.

Qualified Workmanship

We create individually designed, hand-crafted quality products which will last for years to come.

Quick Turn-Around

Offering you turn-around times that suit your business application or personal time-line.

Affordable Price

Whatever your budget, we can make it work.

Legacy Woods, woodwork, Dieter, Cape Town, bespoke carpentry

About Us

Running the show is Dieter, a woodwork designer with magic hands and an eye for detail and quality.

Legacy Woods has been creating awesome custom woodwork for more than 20 years.

I have been fascinated with building things by hand from a very young age.

In a world consumed by mass-production there is something so gratifying in the slow and meticulous process of creating a unique piece from start to finish.

Why We Are Different


Dedicated to the vision and needs of the client. We handle tiny jobs as well as massive projects.

Quality, bespoke items for your fine dining.

Never mass-produced, each item is lovingly hand-crafted using treated methods and finishing.

Giving new life to well-crafted items in your home. Restoration work will sometimes also be a part of that package, depending on the item.

  • Superior Quality
  • Skilled Carpenters
  • Range of Carpentry

Project Examples Coming Soon

Dieter says he’s never been much of a photographer, putting all his focus and energy instead in his fine woodwork.

However, we are slowly building a portfolio of items from the photos taken by clients.

Wooden Dining & Serving

Individually crafted fine dining items. Made to order.

Refurbish and Re-Utilise Favourite Wooden Items

Give some new life to beloved items made from wood.

Stylish Wood Turning

Pens, bowls, table or chair legs… you name it, we can turn it.

What People Say

Legacy Woods, woodwork, Dieter, Cape Town, bespoke carpentry

La Colombe

Fine Dining Establishment

Dieter has expertly created our unique wood menus, utensils and food serving items. We are thrilled with his dedication and craftmanship.